Organization of a buffet table

Why buffet table?

Organizing a buffet table for a variety of holidays or events is relevant, simple, and beautiful. Guests of the celebration, corporate party visitors, and participants in various events are not required to sit for long feasts.

Everyone can taste the dish without overeating, and communicate with everyone around, and not just with those who sat next to them. Catering receptions are in demand not only among small companies but also among companies with a large number of employees.

Should I order a buffet table?

Everything depends on your needs. Tell me, do you like free communication of guests during a break or after the end of the event over a cup of coffee with a beautiful and delicious dessert, or snacks and alcohol? If the answer is yes, then you need to order a buffet table.

By the way, there are different types of buffet tables. It can be either the buffet table itself, the buffet, or the cocktail buffet.

Perhaps it is difficult for you to choose and understand what is needed at each specific event? In this case, the responsible catering companies will advise you in advance. Such firms will advise you on the most suitable menu, design of dishes, serving, and the presence of decorative elements.

One of the significant advantages of a buffet table is the freedom of choice. Each guest can choose what is more to their taste by tasting several dishes. For example, in our company, you can be offered a standard, children’s, vegetarian and other types of menu. We are confident in the competence of our chef, who works on both the taste and the creative look of the dishes. Therefore, using the services of our company, customers will never say that their buffet is standard or the same as that of competitors or partners.

Features of the organization of receptions. How is the buffet table service?

In the most familiar view for us, during a buffet reception, a large table or small tables should be laid. On it (or on them) there is a tablecloth, perhaps there is some kind of decor. The table is surrounded by people who help themselves to dishes while standing. Tables are decorated by designers, also, glasses and cutlery are arranged. To save space, multi-tier dishes are used. Used dishes can be placed on a specially designated table.

This begs the question – if everything is so simple, can you order dishes anywhere and not worry? However, everything is not quite right, because buffet catering is delicious, and often healthy dishes, original design, and presentation, adherence to the theme of the event, and professional serving.

In order to organize a buffet table on your own, you need to know and be able to do a lot. Let’s check. Surely, you have not known this fact about buffet tables: among the abundance of dishes, there are no soups and hot dishes. But that’s not all. Preparing for an off-site buffet reception, and serving a buffet table is not a matter of one day, because you need to take into account many nuances, provide for force majeure circumstances, and also organize a supply of food and drinks in advance.

It is important to arrange food and drinks in such a way that guests can easily reach out and grab a sandwich or cocktail. Maybe you have noticed that when the buffet table is not well organized, there may be empty plates and glasses on the tables that no one will rush to remove. In such cases, guests remain unhappy and feel uncomfortable.

We recommend ordering catering only from professionals, those who have a portfolio of work, who can provide you with advice and guarantee a good result. Our company has gathered the best specialists: cooks, waiters, designers, and other professionals. Moreover, we have a large arsenal of furniture, equipment, and various decor for the premises. Among the services we provide is the rental of all of the above.

What dishes are offered when ordering a buffet table?

In fact, the range is very large. The emphasis is on light meals and snacks. Most often, customers prefer salads, cheese slices, sandwiches, as well as fruits, and various drinks. The portions are compact so that guests can have a hearty snack while tasting several dishes. The menu is prepared in advance, which allows you to avoid misunderstandings at the event itself. If necessary, you can order food and drinks from the menu, this is done for a fee. You can make a list of what must be on the buffet table, as well as a list of prohibited ingredients.

Our company always knows how to do better for the client. We try to take into account absolutely all the little things in the preparation and conduct of catering. You can order a buffet table from us and forget about many nuances, for example, about a snack filled with conversations for guests.

Why is decoration important in organizing outdoor receptions?

Because the usual presentation will cause boredom among guests. In our time, you need to be able to surprise, interest and hold attention. The original design helps to achieve this goal. The appetizing look of the dishes, beautiful tables with candles, or other interesting decor will definitely please your visitors.

The professionals of our company are able to create excellent buffet tables to order. We are scrupulous about the choice of napkins, dishes, and accessories. Therefore, the organization of your buffet table will be in reliable and experienced hands.

Do not be afraid to ask questions to the staff of catering companies, we understand that your event must be held at the highest level. We recommend that you take into account all the important points in advance so that our employees can prepare well and order fresh products. After all, we buy ingredients for each individual buffet table only from reliable suppliers.