Organization of a wedding catering

The happy meeting that has changed your life forever has already happened. The first rule of starting a life together is that all pre-wedding chores should bring only positive emotions. Yes, this is a kind of quest, but it can be interesting, with the main prize – your perfect wedding!

You will be the masters and heroes of this day. Amazing photos, romantic video, white dress, elegant suit, limousine, evening fireworks, and tears of joy.

And what else will be remembered by demanding guests? Undoubtedly, the taste of wedding dishes.

The wedding table must be impeccable. This is perhaps the only item on the list of wedding events that cannot be saved. You should not have a choice – a good banquet hall or a quality kitchen. Everything should be on top: both the external picture and the kitchen itself!

Types of catering for a wedding

Let’s take a closer look at what types of outdoor wedding events wedding catering can offer.

Depending on the concept of your holiday, catering can be organized as:

  • The wedding banquet

It is a full table with a large number of snacks and a variety of dishes. Snow-white tablecloths, expensive dishes, elegant cutlery, ringing glass for drinks – all of this is already reserved for each guest on the tables. Guests eat sitting each at their own place, all dishes are already on the table and are updated as needed. The waiters work in a run-out, and also offer and pour various alcoholic and soft drinks to the guests.

  • A wedding buffet table

It is a type of service that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Very handy when you have many guests. Use high tables. A wide variety of snacks are offered. Guests eat standing up and can move freely, communicate with each other, listen to music and watch the musicians leading and take an active part in the celebration. Behind the buffet table lines and throughout the location there are waiters who serve guests.

  • Wedding picnic (Barbecue) 

We think this format is known to everyone since childhood. Celebration in the fresh air, informal atmosphere. Ideal for a small youth company. Meat, fish, vegetables cooked on an open fire, fresh toasted bread, aroma, and enjoyment of nature! And if you consider that there is professional service, then the pleasure only doubles.

  • Wedding Cocktail

No tables are used, waiters offer light snacks and drinks to guests. This type of service is very convenient before the main banquet when the guests are already slightly hungry.

  • Wedding salad bar

The essence is already visible in the name. A sushi bar, a seafood bar, a large number of vegetables and fruits, which is very fashionable and popular in your time when many people choose the right nutrition for themselves.

  • Wedding candy bar

It is preferred by lovers of sweets. A variety of buffet, which presents a variety of desserts and sweet drinks.

How to choose a wedding catering company

So, you have decided on the form of the holiday and you already see how your celebration will go. You have chosen the venue you like and you just have to find the right catering company.

By the way, catering companies can prompt and advise you on the best place for wedding catering, if you still doubt your choice or have not taken into account all the nuances. Professional wedding catering managers usually go to the location chosen by the customer in advance and together with him on the spot say all the nuances of the celebration:

  • the most convenient format for holding a celebration (banquet, buffet, barbecue); 
  • the time of the beginning and end of the event;
  • when will the first guests arrive, is there a general transfer or will guests arrive in small groups;
  • where the welcome zone will be located and what snacks and drinks are provided for it;
  • wedding ceremony where, when, and on what (so that the guests can sit comfortably, they are not blinded by the sun and the young people can be clearly seen and heard);
  • the approximate number of guests and their seating arrangement, where the presidium of the young will be located;
  • the style of the wedding, the design of the hall, tables, arches, and other spaces.

As well as many other nuances that must be thought out in advance so that the wedding event runs smoothly and sincerely.

Wedding organization

When choosing a partner catering company, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • the manager of the company is always in touch, promptly and willingly answers all questions, and also gives professional advice on his part, because most likely has much more experience in catering for weddings and other events;
  • the high reputation of the catering company, which speaks for itself (positive independent reviews about the company on the Internet, a transparent website of the company with contact details and prices, solid experience of the company in holding the events you need, etc.);
  • the flexibility of the company in the process of communication and the complexity in providing catering for a wedding (i.e. the company hears the customer and helps him when various kinds of nuances arise (rent of additional furniture, rain awnings, soft bean bags, light decorations, wedding arches, dishes for customer drinks, tastings at the request of the customer, a wide range of world cuisines, etc.);
  • assistance in promptly resolving issues that arose during the wedding catering process (forgotten vases for flowers from guests, ran out of whiskey or Cola for guests provided by the customer, no spatula for a wedding cake from a confectioner, etc.);
  • inspires confidence at a preliminary meeting at the location, you can feel the professionalism and a desire to make your holiday truly unforgettable.

Now that you have chosen exactly the professionals you can trust, consider that you have solved the main “task” of wedding catering.

Do not even hesitate, wedding catering is the right choice, a high European level, and a free flight of fantasy in organizing one of the happiest days of your life!